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Reinforcing the seafood safety monitoring network by securing more nuclear radiation detection equipment

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 □ In addition to three pieces of nuclear radiation detection equipment already installed as part of last year’s schedule under the ‘Seafood Distribution Market Radiation Support Program,’ the remaining equipment will be introduced by the end of this year.



 □ There are currently 35 radiation detection devices mobilized in the production stage of seafood, with 8 more units planned for introduction by year-end, bringing the total to 43. The Ministry plans to gradually increase the number to 64 units to ensure the establishment of a thorough monitoring network.



 ㅇ Aside from the Ministry, Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and local governments currently maintain 69 radioactivity detection devices for the surveillance of seafood during the distribution stages.



 ㅇ For reference, a total of 78,000 seafood radiation detection tests were conducted to date since March 2011, with no cases exceeding the radiation thresholds.



 □ The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries plans to conduct thorough origin checks for companies that deal with imported seafood items that are of great public concern to ensure the safety of the public and allow for the purchase of seafood products with confidence.



 ㅇ For the months of May and June, the Ministry, together with local governments, conducted nationwide inspections on mandatory origin declarations of 18,000 companies that handle imported seafood items of great public concern.



 ㅇ Over the next 100 days, all available resources from the Ministry, local governments, the Coast Guard, and the private sector will be mobilized to conduct an unprecedented level of country-of-origin inspections, with a minimum of three inspections per company.