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Central Government Joins Local Authorities to Increase Sea Salt Supply

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- Government’s 3rd reserve release of 400 tons; individuals may purchase up to 2 boxes at Shinan 1004 Mall -



  The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (Minister Cho Seung Hwan) will release an additional 400 tons of government reserve sea salt to the market for 49 days from August 10th (Thursday) to September 27th (Wednesday), just before the Chuseok holidays, to increase sea salt supply.



 The Ministry will release the sea salt to markets nationwide, in consideration of consumer prices as well as the supply and demand conditions, to allow direct purchases by consumers. The sea salt will be offered to the market at about 20% discounted price compared to July consumer prices.



 In particular, the reserve sea salt has been re-packaged from 20kgs to 10kgs to better facilitate consumer convenience. The details on sales outlets and dates will be announced on the Ministry website.



 In addition, Shinan County (Governor Park Woo-Ryang) will also be selling sea salt via its online shopping platform, the 1004 Mall (shinan1004mall.kr). To start, a total of 200 tons of sea salt will be secured and made available to consumers from August 11th (Friday), with no set end date. Consumers may purchase up to two 10kg boxes per person.