Departmental Report on the Marine and Fisheries Policy Direction of the New Government

A Marine Economy Leaping Forward, Delivering a Lively Ocean Community

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2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap for
the Marine and Fisheries Sector

Proposing comprehensive policy direction, spanning green shipping, ports,
blue carbon, and marine energy

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Strategies for Becoming a Shipping Powerhouse

To create a mutually beneficial shipping ecosystem through the revival of the maritime transport sector

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2030 Port Policy and Promotion Strategy

The era of Korean smart ports with global competitiveness opens

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Fisheries Innovation 2030

Sustainable fisheries along with vibrant fishery industry, Realizing fishing communities where everyone can live well together

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2030 GreenShip-K Promotion Strategy

The first national plan for the development and popularization of green ship

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East Sea

The Name from the Past, of the Present, and for the Future


The Basic Position of the Government of the Republic of Korea on Dokdo