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Government to continue to conduct full inspections of all 837 operational salt fields in Korea as planned

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 □ The government plans to visit all salt fields, regardless of their willingness to participate, to carry out full inspections.



 ㅇ The National Fishery Products Quality Management Service has been conducting radiation tests since April for 150 salt fields that represent 50% of Korea’s total sea salt production.



  * Inspections of 82 sea salt fields were completed from April through August 7th, with no radiation detected


 ㅇ Inspections for the remaining 687 small and medium-sized salt fields by outsourced private institutions will start from August, regardless of existence of an inspection request from the companies.



 □ The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries will continue to carry out radiation inspections as planned so as to alleviate public concerns on the safety of sea salt.