Mission & Vision

2024 Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Key Initiatives
Oceans that empower the people Oceans and fisheries that contribute to the economy

Stable livelihoods  a dynamic economy  balanced development

    • 01

      Stabilizing the livelihoods of the people and workers

      Safe and Reliable Fishery Products

      • Stabilizing seafood prices
      • Enhancing radiation control

      Fisherman and Fishing Communities

      • Supporting stable fisheries businesses
      • Revitalizing fishing villages and coastal areas

      Environment and Safety

      • Clean and garbage-free oceans
      • Accident- and disaster-free oceans
    • 02

      Creating a dynamic marine and fisheries economy

      Logistics Innovation

      • Build smart megaports[mega ports], expand global logistics networks
      • Logistics coverage without blind spots, become a leader in maritime mobility

      Fisheries Innovation

      • Transform the structure of fisheries production → Opportunities for future generation
      • Turn around to a seafood export surplus
    • 03

      Supporting the era of localization and a stronger foundation for global influence

      Era of Localization

      • Regional leisure hubs, fostering new industries
      • National maritime education and cultural hubs


      • Expand roles to better contribute to the international community
      • Establish maritime territory and fisheries sovereignty