Greetings from the Minister

Minister's Kang Do-Hyung

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF)
Republic of Korea

Kang Do-Hyung

I am Kang Do-Hyung, the 23rd Minister of Oceans and Fisheries.


Our oceans play a pivotal role in the lives of our people, providing high-quality food, offering recreational and healing opportunities, and supporting seamless import and export logistics.


With a view to fostering the well-being of current and future generations, the Ministry is committed to delivering its vision of “oceans that empower the people and marine fisheries that contribute to the economy.”In pursuit of this vision, MOF will work to promote the following policies.


Firstly, we will create rich, beautiful, and vibrant communities in fishing villages, islands, and coastal areas by enhancing local residential conditions and revitalizing marine leisure and tourism.


Secondly, we will be making all necessary efforts to manage seafood safety and prices. This will ensure the public and consumers enjoy seafood with peace of mind.


Thirdly, we will work towards building smart megaports and expanding global logistics networks, which will allow us to drive Korea's export economy through best-in-class logistics services.


Lastly, we will proactively address climate change in the marine and fisheries sector and make thorough preparations for future generations by facilitating the future-oriented industrialization of fisheries and promoting the development of advanced marine mobility and marine science and technology.


The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is committed to ongoing engagement with the public and stakeholders of the marine fisheries sector and prioritizing the well-being and best interests of the public.


We look forward to your continued interest and support.


Thank you.