Prosperous Fishing Communities, Vibrant Ocean (MOF)

Prosperous Fishing Communities, Vibrant Ocean (MOF)

  • Objective
    • Strengthen the level of income, housing and living environment of fishermen to that of urban residents
    • Achieve national competitiveness as well as safe supply chain system on fisheries via revolutionizing the current production, processing and distribution of fisheries
    • Reinvigorate the coastal economy via encouraging new industries including marine bioindustry, leisure & tourism and venture incubation & investment
  • Details

    (Reinvigorating the fishing communities) Innovate the fishing communities to the level of urban area and raise the income level of fishermen

    • As of 2023, Restoration Project on Fishing Communities (300 targeted branches) shall be proceeded step by step, along with Establishment of Resorts specialized for Fishing Communities (20 targeted resorts), providing catered support to each community zone based on its size and type
    • Small-sized fishing households shall be provided with fisheries public interest direct payment, which plans to be further expanded the amount to that of agriculture and forestry

    (Enhancing the competitiveness of fisheries) Establish resource-based fisheries management system by increasing the number of species subject to total allowable catch (TAC) scheme and by advancing resource assessment; and operate a total of six smart aquaculture farms in earnest

    • Enhance seafood safety management by increasing monitoring of radioactive materials in fish, expanding the use of country of origin labeling and the traceability system and modernizing aging fish markets
    • Promote the development of seafood industry by establishing seafood clusters and seafood processing complex

    (Increase welfare for fishermen) Provide medical check-up to female fishermen from 2024, expand the applicable scope of insurance to all fishermen in 2025, and enhance the level of occupational rehabilitation

    (Fostering new marine-based industries) Explore new driving forces including marine bioindustry, leisure & tourism and venture incubation & investment

    • Establish the regional hubs for marine bioindustry, on the East, West and South regions(~’27), launch additional 3 bio banks(~’25), build a marine leisure tourism city complex, develop base marinas and the cluster for recreational boating industry.
  • Expected Outcome
    • Distinctive increase in the annual income of fishing household from 53 million won (’20) to 65 million won (’27)
    • Elevated annual sales revenue in the fisheries sector from 68.8 trillion won (’20) to 80 trillion won (’27)