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KRW 800 billion to be Injected into Maintenance of Port Disaster Prevention Facilities by 2032

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- Reinforcing peripheral protective facilities and maintenance of disaster prevention facilities for 13 state-managed ports Securing safety of ports and hinterland areas by preventing damage from sea level rises and typhoons -



The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (Minister Kang Do-Hyung) will be reinforcing peripheral protective facilities, including breakwaters and shore banks, as well as maintenance of disaster prevention facilities such as protective walls and disaster prevention hills at 13 state-managed ports* starting this January to ensure the safety of ports and hinterland areas.


 * (13 state-managed ports) Ulsan Port, Busan Port, Daesan Port, Donghae-Mukho Port, Pohang Port, Gunsan Port, Yeosu Port, Yonggipo Port, Ulleung Port, Yeonpyeongdo Port, Mokpo Port, Masan Port, and Heuksando Port



 In order to better cope with increasingly severe abnormal weather conditions such as sea level rises and stronger typhoons, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries announced its Plan for Strengthening Climate Change Responses in Ports and Hinterland Areas in February of 2023. As a follow-up action, the Ministry revised the 4th Port Master Plan (2021–2030) and finalized corresponding project implementation plans in December 2023.


 This project for reinforcing peripheral protective facilities and maintaining disaster prevention facilities of ports will be carried out for 19 locations in 13 ports, starting with the reinforcement of the west-side breakwater at Yeonpyeongdo Port, followed by the reinforcement of the breakwater bank to reduce wave damages in Ulsan New Port and the installation of a protective wall to prevent damage from floods caused by storm surges at Mokpo Port. These series of projects are to be sequentially implemented with a total investment of KRW 800 billion by 2032.