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International Journalists to Experience the Excellence of the Jeju Haenyeo Fishing System

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- Tracing the lives of the Jeju Haenyeo through Jeju Haenyeo School and Sumbisori Trail -



 The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (Minister Cho Seung Hwan) announced that it will host an invitational Press Tour for major international media correspondents in Korea on December 15th in celebration of the first National Important Fishery Heritage Festival, giving journalists the chance to experience the Jeju Haenyeo Fishery System, registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) in November, and interview the haenyeo.



 Jeju Haenyeo Fishing is a fishing method where seafood is collected by diving into the ocean without any mechanical devices. It was designated as the first National Import Fishery Heritage of Korea in 2015.



 International journalists participating in the event will explore the life journey of Jeju haenyeo, starting the tour with the performance “Haenyeo’s Kitchen,” walk the Sumbisori Trail, visit Beophwan Haenyeo School, interview the haenyeo, and visit 13 fishery heritage promotion booths at the 1st National Important Fishery Heritage Festival themed around Jeju Haenyeo Fishery.



 Through this tour program, the Ministry aims to foster greater appreciation for the value of the Jeju Haenyeo Fishing System by emphasizing the dedication and hard work of Jeju haenyeo, who, over their long history, have overcome the challenges of nature to support their families and the local economy, as well as their self-reliance as female laborers, and the excellence of their community.



 Minister Cho Seung Hwan of Oceans and Fisheries stressed that (the Ministry) “will seek to provide various means of support to strengthen understanding of the value of Korea’s important fishery heritage and take the lead in promoting the excellence of Korea’s unique fishing culture to the world.”



 On the third day, the conference will explore new possibilities in year-round operation of Arctic shipping routes to ensure sustainable development, while providing a time for exchanges between the businesses of Korea and Arctic countries.