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Remote Medical Support Now Available 100km Offshore

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- Pilot Program for Remote Maritime Medical Support via Bada Navi technology to start with 100 domestic vessels -



  The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (Minister Cho Seung Hwan) will launch its Bada Navigation Maritime Remote Medical Support service using ultra-high speed maritime wireless communication network (LTE-M) for domestic vessels sailing along the coasts of Korea, starting July 17th (Monday).



 Until now, it has been challenging to provide support in remote maritime medical emergencies from onshore medical institutions due to the lack of connectivity. With the implementation of Bada Navi wi-fi technology, it will now become possible to receive real-time emergency support from onshore medical institutions via virtual calls even at sea, up to 100km away from land.



 This year’s pilot program will serve 100 domestic vessels, including fishing boats, cargo ships, and public vessels. The vessels in the program will be supplied consecutively with tablets that feature a remote medical support app*, medical devices, and emergency medicine. Crew aboard the vessels will be able to utilize these resources while communicating virtually with medical institutions to receive medical support, such as emergency treatment.


    * (Key App features) Examination and display of wound areas (augmented reality feature), input of health-related metrics, pre-screening questionnaire



 Furthermore, MOF plans to offer periodic health counseling services via the technology to enhance the safety and welfare of seafarers. Through the pilot program, the Ministry plans to make necessary improvements, with the aim of providing optimized remote medical services to a larger fleet of vessels next year.