Marine cultural promotion & nation’s international repute enhancement

Promoting new marine culture and expanding its infrastructure

  • Expanding the base of marine culture
  • Discovering fisheries heritages to register as KIFHS*
    Korea Important Fisheries Heritages

Securing overseas marine & fishery resources and leading research work on oceans & the North & South Poles

  • Implementing projects on deep-sea bed mining resources for commercial use
  • Ensuring overseas fishery and enhancing competitiveness of pelagic fisheries
  • Broadening research horizon on oceans
  • Strengthening research ground on the Poles

Reinforcing the international status in oceans & fisheries

  • Taking a leading position in the international organizations of oceans & fisheries including IMO & FAO
  • Creating better professional ODA systems
  • Fostering the international cooperation to combat IUU fishing