Clean & resource-abundant seas

Reviving seas and promoting sustainable coastal fisheries

  • Enhancing fishery resource protection scheme including closed fishing season
  • Implementing recovery projects of fishery resources & lost species
  • Achieving sustainability of coastal fishery

Ensuring reliability in quality control of fishery products

  • Implementing a compulsory scheme to mark place of origin
  • Increasing promotion of the traceability
  • Strengthening safety test & inspection on chemicals & others for fishery

Building an integrated management system for marine space

  • Expanding coverage of marine space for an integrated management system
  • Strengthening consultation on coastal area utilization

Recovering health of marine environment & eco-system

  • Controlling hazard factors for marine environment
  • Establishing management systems for marine waste & litter
  • Preserving healthy marine ecosystems
  • Improving the foundation for marine environment management