Coastal & fishing village development contributing to regionally-balanced improvement

Creating vital fishing villages by “fishing village new deal 300 project”

  • Implementing “fishing village new deal 300 project”
  • Supporting customized development of fishing villages
  • Upgrading conditions in fishing villages to attract young generation for work

Invigorating regional economy by promoting marine tourism & leisure activities

  • Creating marina as more familiar place to the public and promoting cruise industry as new growth engine
  • Fostering new tourism & leisure industries including marine therapy industry
  • Promoting tourism to enjoy fishing villages

Fostering ports as the center of regional economy in coastal areas

  • Fully developing marine industrial clusters
  • Developing city’s environment for marine culture & tourism by ports renewal
  • Fostering greater support systems for business’ overseas contract

Upgrading marine traffic systems in coastal areas

  • Expanding the semi-public marine traffic system
  • Improving marine traffic infrastructure
  • Providing more convenient services for users by ICT