Global Marine Leader, Korea


Cleaner, Safer &
More Productive Oceans

10% Share of Ocean & Fisheries in
GDP by 2030

Detailed Plans

Rebounding to global top-5 rankers in shipping and developing ports as global logistics hub

Re-ranking $50 billion in sales of shipping and realizing 1.7 tones in cargo volume of ports (by 2022)

Recovering fishery resources and promoting high-value added fisheries

Reaching 4 million tones in fisheries production and $4 billion in fisheries export (by 2022)

Promoting marine leisure & tourism and creating entrepreneur-friendly environment

Attracting 10 million tourists and fostering 200 start-ups (by 2022)

Conserving healthy environment and strengthening marine safety management

Launching marine spatial plans and eliminating any possibility of large-scaled marine accidents (by 2022)

Realizing attractive fishing community to live and booming economy in coastal areas

Implementing New Deal 300 Project for Fishing Community and port rebuilding project for including Busan & Incheon (by 2022)

Defending maritime-territorial integrity and enhancing national status as global marine leader