Greetings from the Minister

Greetings from the Minister

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).
I am MOON, Seong-Hyeok, the 21st minister of Ocean & Fisheries.

MOF has an executive responsibility for marine-related work encompassing shipping & port industry, fisheries industry, fishing community & coastal city, marine environment, maritime safety, marine tourism & leisure activity and maritime territory.

While it is my privilege to fulfill the duty as minister, I am humbled to undertake a grave mission to retain our hard-earned advantage and deal with piles of pending issues awaiting at sea.

First, MOF is committed to rejuvenating shipping industry and driving fisheries in an innovative way, as an all-round improvement in the industry is required to ensure Korea maintains a competitive position.

Also, the whole field of oceans & fisheries, namely shipping, port, fisheries and others, will embrace future-oriented industry responding well to smart technology.

Another priority belongs to creating more vibrant fishing villages and coastal cities attracting vacationers to improve their quality of life.

While protecting the maritime territory with an indomitable spirit, MOF will enhance the marine environment promoting fine-dust-free ports & vessels and debris-free oceans.

Last but not least, the ministry will be determined to ensure the safety of nationals in navigation and maritime activity as fully embodied in an initiative “Safety First, Safety Last”.

I have no doubts that Korea will thrive as a global ocean leader leveraged by the abovementioned marine endeavor. As MOF has embarked on this great voyage, your interest and support are herein politely required.

Thank you.

MOON, Seong-Hyeok

Minister of Oceans & Fisheries
Republic of Korea

Education Background

  • 1989~1992 Cardiff University in UK (PhD in Port Economics)
  • 1981~1983 Korea Maritime & Ocean University (MSc in Port Transport)
  • 1977 ~ 1981 Korea Maritime & Ocean University (BSc in Navigation Science)


  • 2019.4. ~ Present Minister of Oceans and Fisheries
  • 2008 ~ 2019. 3. Professor in World Maritime University
    (established by IMO, a specialized agency of the United Nations)
  • 2005 Member of Policy Advisor Committee
    (Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries)
  • 2004 ~2005 Head of Navigation Training Center
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 2003 Advisory Member of Presidential Transition Committee
  • 2002 Master of a training ship (Hannara)
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 2000 ~ 2001 Deputy Head in Planning & Research Office
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 1999 Arbitrator in the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board
  • 1998 ~ 2013 Professor in Department of Maritime Transportation Science
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 1997 ~ 1998 Exchange Professor in Cardiff University
  • 1995 ~ 1996 Head Professor in Graduate School of Maritime Industries
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 1994 ~ 1995 Head of Educational Affairs Division in Graduate School of Maritime Industries
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 1993 ~ 1998 Associate Professor in Department of Maritime Transportation Science
    (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
  • 1989 ~ 1993 Assistant Professor in Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • 1987 ~ 1988 Chief Officer in Hyundai Merchant Marine
  • 1984 ~ 1986 Full-time Lecturer in Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • 1981 ~ 1984 Graduate Assistant in Korea Maritime & Ocean University

Awards & Decorations

  • 2013 Prime Minister Citation