Maintaining clean seas and bountiful fishery




- Enhancing capacity for fishery resources management; and realizing marine-ecosystem-centered policy

- Promoting integrated marine-spatial management; and improving national management scheme for marine environment protection



- Rehabilitating marine productivity: regaining 1.1m tons in production of coastal & offshore fishing in 2022 by introducing various programs for fishery resource rehabilitation including fishing resting period scheme, expanded TAC, vessel buyback program, marine forests & marine ranch, spawning & habitation grounds, closed period for pollack and artificial seed release

- Creating advanced aquaculture: enhancing competitiveness for aquaculture by developing smart platform for AI-&-ICT-using control and creating cluster for large-scale industry 

* Securing major countries for fishery export with USD 37m in exports in 2022 by promoting establishment of 4 or more fishery export supporting centers (since 2017)

- Supplying safe fishery products: escalating targets for fishery products traceability (since 2019); and increasing the number of HACCP registration of aquaculture farms by 30 each year to achieve 300 in number by 2022

- Creating innovative structure in distribution by building 6 fishery products processing & marketing centers and 2 logistics centers at consuming areas


- Adopting integrated marine spatial management scheme: implementing total management scheme for South Sea and East Sea in 2022 by establishing marine-spatial management plan based on Act on Marine Spatial Planning & Management (enacted in Apr. 2019)

* Registrating 34 marine protection areas and recovering 20 tidelands by 2022

* Securing scheme for sustainable use of marine resources & environment by establishing integrated marine spatial management scheme (covering 440,000 )


- Regaining 1.1m tons in production of coastal & offshore fishing; and accomplishing 2.3m tons in production of aquaculture by 2022