Protecting marine territorial integrity and strengthening maritime safety


- Building infrastructure for protecting marine territorial integrity; and eradicating illegal fishing committed by Chinese vessels

- Establishing quasi-public & advanced operating system for coastal passenger ships; and expanding & improving facilities at calling ports



- Protecting marine territorial integrity: strengthen interconnecting-governance scheme for Dokdo Island & Ulleungdo Island; and expanding facilities for docking & coast guard at regional base ports

* Establishing 3 hub-centered ocean research stations & 22 permanent facilities for base points of territorial waters


- Eradicating illegal fishing: following establishment of South Sea Fisheries Management Service (2017), organizing joint-crackdown system with China; creating land-sea-air surveillance network (by 2022); and enhancing partnerships with China

- Improving services for island residents: partly covering shipping cost for island residents’ daily necessities; and increasing the number of beneficiaries for medical outreach service by 10% each year

- Strengthening maritime safety: expanding coverage for quasi-public operating system for coastal passenger ships; upgrading 40 coastal passenger ships (by 2022); and improving docking facilities at small ports

- Nationally-operating forecasting & warning system against marine disasters: establishment of communication network (LTE-M; covering up to 100km in coastal areas) in 2019, operating nationally forecasting & warning system in 2021 and improving the system in 2022


- Settling Dokdo Island & Ulleungdo Island governance scheme; and eradicating illegal fishing performed by Chinese vessels

- Establishing stable quasi-public operating system for coastal passenger ships; and reducing the portion of old passenger ships up to 15%