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First Step of Jeju International Marine Leisure Expo

Date. 2020.11. 2.
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First Step of Jeju International Marine Leisure Expo

- Event provides online exhibitions & conference -


The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister MOON, Seong-Hyeok) and Jeju Special Self-governing Province (Governor Won, Hee-ryong) will host the 1st Jeju International Marine Leisure Expo on Oct. 15-16, 2020 to promote the marine leisure industry and raise the public interest in the corona-stricken-depressed industry.


Under the theme of “Marine leisure, a promising ocean New-deal industry of Jeju tourism”, the event takes its first step this year, which goes online for preventing the spread of the virus as well as providing a better opportunity to join.


Virtual venue consists of the industrial hall for up-to-date leisure equipment like yacht, boat and items for surfing & scuba diving provided by a number of leisure businesses; promotion hall for marine leisure tourism programs and information; and exhibition hall for contest-winning pictures and video clips showing underwater marvelous views.


Great number of renowned guests and experts will grace the opening ceremony with their presences online on the first day, followed by the conference to address pending issues in the marine leisure industry lasting to the next day.


Helped by the Jeju KCTV studio, the conference provides live streaming service via the official website ( www.j-marinexpo.com ) and Youtube channel. Anyone can enjoy 4 sessions of the conference held under different subjects namely ocean New-deal strategy for Korean marine leisure industry (Oct. 15; 10:30-11:30); cooperation between marine-city governments (Oct. 15; 14:00-15:30); current situation and policy for win-win development & promotion of the marine leisure industry of Jeju (Oct. 16; 10:00-11:30); and safety measures commensurate with a boom in the marine leisure industry (10. 16. 14:00-15:30).


The event provides attendees with an opportunity for enjoying marine leisure programs. Participants who complete online pre-registration and attendance check are subject to the drawings for 600 free-trial tickets of marine leisure activities on Jeju island. The activities for ticket winners will be provided by 5 companies until the first half of 2021.


The MOF minister states on his video message that “It is all the more meaningful to host the international marine leisure expo on Jeju island, the home to the marine leisure industry. The expo will hopefully promote more people to enjoy the marine leisure activities.”


More details can be obtained from the official website ( www.j-marinexpo.com ) and the secretariat via phone (064-747-0908) or email ( jime@j-marinexpo.com ).