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Ocean Observation with“Cosmic Eyes”

Date. 2020.10.27.
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Ocean Observation with“Cosmic Eyes”
- Ocean satellite imagery from Cheonllian 2B will be found on the KHOA website -   

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister MOON, Seong-Hyeok) will initiate the service on Oct. 5, 2020 to provide ocean satellite imagery sent by Geostationary Korea Multi Purpose Satellite 2B (GEO-KOMPSAT 2B or Cheonllian 2B). The service will be operated on the official website of Korea Hydrographic & Oceanography Agency (KHOA; www. khoa.go.kr). 

As a geostationary meteorological satellite observing ocean and atmospheric environment of Northeast Asia, GEO-KOMPSAT 2B has successfully completed a number of performance tests lasting 8 months following its launch at the space center in French Guiana, South America on Feb. 19, 2020. The facility to analyze ocean observation data has just established, ensuring the seamless preparation for building up the database. 

The satellite imagery covering oceans in Northeast Asia and the moon will be titled first ever imagery from Cheonllian 2B, which is an original copy without retouch processing. While open to the public with free-download service, the imagery will directly be provided through the exclusive communication network to organizations in need of it for their duties like National Institute of Fisheries Science, National Meteorological Satellite Center and National Environmental Satellite Center.    

It is expected that much improved ocean payload (GOCI-II) of the satellite, compared to the previous one, enables the satellite to produce various types of ocean data like sea fog and law salinity water, along with the conventional sources like surface layer current and red tide.   

The MOF has a plan to provide 26 different ocean-related data from Jan. 2021 after analysis and processing of the raw data. Including distribution chart of marine debris, migratory route of sargassum horneri and red tide, the processed data will be offered in association with map service on the portal sites for better access of users. 

The service is also supposed to offer the data on sea surface temperature blended with multiple ocean observation sources coming from National Ocean Observing System. In the mid-/long-term, other satellite sources will be provided to address ocean-related pending issues including fine dust and oil spill pollution.  
Director General Woo, Dong-sik of International Cooperation Policy Bureau states that “It is confidently expected that ocean satellite imagery from GEO-KOMPSAT 2B contributes to greater ocean life of the public as being used to respond to marine environment issues and study fishing ground environment.”  

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Enviroment (Minister Cho, Myeong-rae) plans to introduce the official service to provide the imagery of atmospheric environment observation satellite of Cheonllian 2B from 2021, after initially releasing the source later in Oct. 2020.