Uninhabited islands comprehensive management plan

Uninhabited islands comprehensive management plan
  • Creating uninhabited islands full of nature, people, health and vitality
Policy Goal
  • ① People-friendly Use and development of uninhabited islands
  • ② Formulation of policies without management blind spots, considering the characteristics of each uninhabited island
  • ③ Increasing management capability to conserve uninhabited islands for future generations to enjoy
Laying foundations for promoting use and developments of uninhabited islands
  • Discovery and utilization of uninhabited islands’ resources
  • Installation of infrastructure for safe and comfortable use
  • Relaxing regulations for active use
Improvement of conservation through scientific management
  • Designation and restoration of uninhabited islands with conservation-types
  • Utilization and management in consideration of maritime territories and security.
  • Scientific and systematic management of uninhabited islands
Establishing public-private governance
  • Support for the use and management by private sectors
  • Establishment of framework for cooperation among related organizations
  • Setting an open type management platform