Port Redevelopment

Port Redevelopment
  • Some port facilities have become idle due to changes in the logistics environment such as larger ships and cargo containers, construction of new ports and functional deterioration of existing ports.
  • Promote port redevelopment projects to develop old and idle port spaces into spaces with urban functions such as waterfront or industrial, residential, commercial.
Project Details
  • For the regeneration of the old downtown, where urban vitality has declined, regeneration or modernization of adjacent old port spaces into facilities that citizens need.
  • Fostering the Busan North Port area as a global new maritime industry center.
  • Regeneration of the stagnant the old downtown of Incheon and fostering the center of marine tourism in the Pan Yellow Sea.
  • (Gohyeon) Creating a water-friendly marine tourism city linked to the delay in the original city center of Geoje-Si by utilizing the water surface in the port.
  • Attracting investment facilities that will become new growth engines in the region, such as industrial facilities, marine tourism, and cultural facilities, in old and idle port spaces.
  • (Gwangyang) The Myodo Landfill Site and the 3rd Landfill Site in Gwangyang Port will be created as industrial and logistics complexes.
  • (Incheon) The reclaimed land in Incheon Port (3.3㎢) will be created as a comprehensive tourism and leisure complex in the metropolitan area linked to Yeongjong and Cheongna districts.
  • Responding to the growing demand for leisure and tourism, inducing shared growth with surrounding regions, contributing to job creation and local economy activation.