More supply of eco-friendly ships

More supply of eco-friendly ships
  • Promoting spread of eco-friendly ships to respond to changes in the eco-friendly
    paradigm in the shipbuilding and shipping markets due to strengthening of environmental
    regulations in the international shipping sector
    * Future-oriented ships(hydrogen, electricity) are needed to preemptively respond to IMO's
    greenhouse gas emission regulations (targeting 50% reduction from 2008 by 2050) → Eco-friendly ship
    technology determines the future competitiveness of shipbuilding and shipping industries
Policy details
  • (Public sector) Supporting for promoting private distribution by commercializing related technologies and expanding the operating base through preemptive introduction of eco-friendly ships*
    * Old-aged ships are replaced with eco-friendly ships, and ships of lower age(less than 10 years) are converted into eco-friendly ships

    - Acceleration of eco-friendliness through a major shift in the paradigm of the current public ship management and operation system, such as consignment management of construction work* and introduction of the ship sharing system

    * Unified construction work(Evaluation of the condition of old ships → Planning → Standard design/Integrated ordering → Construction management)
  • (Private sector) Promoting conversion to eco-friendly ships by providing various incentives* to overcome limitations of voluntary conversion due to ship price rise(30%↑)
    * Supporting conversion cost support, connecting private financial support, reducing eco-friendly fuel price and port facility usage fee, etc.
  • Establishing the foundation for commercialization using the national certification system and supporting international standardization so that new eco-friendly technologies and products can be linked to private distribution
    * Using as a means to verify reliability of new technology quality and determine the priority of funding("Eco-friendly Ships Act")