Fisheries Policy

The 3rd Basic Plan for the Development of Fishing Villages and Fishing Ports(2020~2024)
  • This 3rd basic plan sets out the mid- and long-term policy directions for fishing villages and fishery harbors and specifies projects to develop and regenerate the fishing community and fishery harbors.
Main content
  • Vision : To turn fishing villages into a liveable place and foster fishery harbors as an economic hub with full of energy.
  • Strategy : The followings are four keywords of this master plan: integrated regeneration, balanced improvement, customized development, and regional innovation.
Integrated regeneration
  • Build integrated infrastructures to regenerate fishing villages and fishery harbors

    - Promote a project, “Fishing Village New Deal 300” and design its institutions

  • Regenerate idle resources of fishing villages and fishery harbors

    - Utilize idle facilities, such as abandoned houses, and attract private investment

  • Make fishing villages and fishery harbors liveable for all

    - Support joint-use fishery harbors, those who returned to the fishing or rural areas to settle down, and “Eoulim” villages, meaning “living in harmony” in Korean

Balanced development
  • Develop fishing villages and fishery harbors in balance

    - Adopt regional evaluation system and set a nationwide fishery harbor development plan

  • Lay the foundation for fishing villages where people can live together

    - Foster companies specialized in the fishing community and build networks among villages

  • Enhance the role of fishery harbors which leads regional growth

    - Designate new national fishery harbors and create hub ports

Customized development
  • Invigorate the unique economy of the fishing community

    - i.e. fishing theme villages, Korea’s important fisheries heritage, and fishing experience villages

  • Develop fishery harbors into a new growth engine

    - Search specialized fishery harbors, develop fishery harbors overseas, and promote inter-Korean economic cooperation

  • Strengthen competitiveness to create attractive fishing villages and fishery harbors

    - Set design guidelines and boost tourism in fishing villages

Regional Innovation
  • Set the foundation for safe fishing villages and fishery harbors

    - i.e. intelligent closed-circuit televisions(CCTV), information systems, and smart living technologies

  • Make fishing villages and fishery harbors clean

    - Through clean fishery harbors, a “Bada Gakum” project, meaning “caring for sea” in Korean, and port cleaning activities

  • Make fishing villages and fishery harbors convenient

    - Build convenience facilities at fishery harbors and provide information customized for individual users

Expected effect
  • The mid- and long-term investment plan is expected to create KRW 9.2 trillion worth of production, KRW 3.4 trillion worth of added values, and jobs for 43,000 persons.