Fisheries Policy

The 2nd Master Plan on Fisheries & Fishing Community

ㅇ The 2nd Master Plan suggests 5-year goals and targets to achieve more sustainable fisheries & fishing community. This plan adopted following the 1st Plan (2016-2020) established under the Freamwork Act on Fisheries & Fishing Community Development.


ㅇ Vision: Fisheries & Fishing Community Prospering with Everyone for the Future

ㅇ 5 Goals to achieve

1. 4.257million tons in fishery production with 79% of self-sufficiency rate
2. KRW 13.8 trillion (USD 11.8 billion) in scale of domestic seafood industry
3. KRW 60.59 million (USD 52,000) per capita income of fishing community
4. USD 3 billion in annual export of seafood
5. KRW 5.1 trillion (USD 4.3 billion) in economic added value of fisheries

ㅇ 10 Strategic targets
Calling for concerted actions in 5 main areas, the plan has 2 key targets in each area to meet the goals.

1. Production Infrastructure: Reform of fisheries for more sustainable production and management
  Target 1: Improving the production structure in fisheries to adjust itself to new GVC (global value chain) paradigm
  Target 2: Creating new environment for production to survive climate change crisis

2. Seafood Industry: Supply of fishery products managed with consumer-centered approach
  Target 3: Creating a supply chain for sustainable fishery products
  Target 4: Strengthening resilience of seafood industry for the post COVID-19 era

3. Fishing Community & Port: Opportunity for experiences of rewarding work and life
  Target 5: Improving working conditions for decent jobs in fishing community and port
  Target 6: Creating great settlement conditions for better life and co-prosperity

4. Worldwide Reputation: Go global of K-fish
  Target 7: Sharpening the competitive edge of K-fish in the global market
  Target 8: Enhancing the level both of compliance with international regulations and international cooperation

5. Industry 4.0: Digital transformation for the future
  Target 9: Introducing “smart system” to the processes in fisheries
  Target 10: Nurturing new industrial sectors and encouraging entrepreneurship