Total Management of Marine Plastic Litter Reduction

Total Management of Marine Plastic Litter Reduction
  • Campaign to reduce by 50% the present amount of marine plastic litter until 2030 by strengthening the life-cycle management from occurrence prevention to collection and disposal
Policy Contents
  • (Occurrence prevention) Introduction of fishing gear waste refund system(in ‘22), Zero use of styrofoam buoy for aqua farming(in ’25), Expansion of marine litter collecting sites(50 sites in '20 →300 sites in '30)

    - Target species for the TAC are voluntarily designated through conference but the government has established a legal basis for designating specific species for fisheries resources recovery

    * Marine Wastes and Marine Pollutants Management Act(’20.12.4 enforcement)
  • (Collection reinforcement) Subsidies for the building carrying ships of wastes from islands(7 ships in '20~'21 ), Implementation of intensive collection of abandoned fishing gear* and Increase of marine environment keepers(200 keepers in '19→1,000 keepers in ’20) etc.
    * Test projects were done in shore of Geo-je Gyeong-nam(Jul.~Aug. in ‘19) and Ong-jin Incheon(Aug~Dec. in ’20)

    - Making distribution maps of marine wastes and applying for collection, Devising micro plastic suction collecting instruments etc.(’20~, R&D)

  • (Disposal infrastructure) Promotion to construct pretreatment facilities* in regional units for the better treatment of marine plastics containing salt, foreign materials etc.
    * Washing, cutting, sorting etc. before Recycling and disposing, In the middle of projects in two places(Tae-an Chung-nam, Tong-yeong Gyeong-nam) in '20
  • (National Awareness Enhancement etc.) Encouraging general people to participate in management of marine litter under 'Nationwide Sea Cultivating Campaign*' and Keeping nationwide continuous campaign providing the participants customized education considering targeted groups(fishermen, anglers etc.) and ages
    * Through online matching platform, implementing various programs such as companion beach, cultural festival, Test project in Jeju(September~ )→ Preparing plan for national implementation (March in '21 ) → Official implementation (May in '21)

    - Promoting Establishment of inter-agency marine debris coordinating committee*(chairman, Minister of Oceans and Fisheries) for the life-cycle management of marine litter and international cooperation response plan to enhance the relevant departments cooperation(in '21)

    * Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries(general plan), Ministry of Environment(disposal, recycling, inland wastes production prevention), Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(micro plastic regulation ), Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy( developing alternative materials of plastic) Ministry of Foreign Affairs(international cooperation), Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Korea Coast Guard and Local governments etc.
Expected Effects
  • Creation of clean marine environments and contribution for the national health and safety through life-cycle management of marine plastic litter