Fisheries Policy

Basic Plan of Fishery Resources Management(2021~2025)
Sustainable fishery resources, Abundant fishing grounds
❖ Strengthen TAC-centered fishery resources recovery and management policies
❖ Research and create an environment for fishery resourcesbased on ecosystem
❖ Protect fishery resources based on autonomy and participation
Major Tasks (5 units) Detailed Tasks (13 units)
1. TAC-based fishery resources management Expanding TAC participants and Strengthening support
Building infrastructure of SMARTTAC management
2. Recovery of reduced fishery resources Step-by step, customized management of reduced/depleted fish species
Reducing whale bycatch and Strengthening management
Improving the effectiveness of thefishery resources recovery plan
3. Research and evaluate fishery resources based on ecosystem Activation of ecosystem-basedresources evaluation
Expansion of infrastructure forfishery resources research
4. Improve habitat and ecological environment of coastal and inshore Establishing ecosystem-based Spawning & nursery ground
improve fishing grounds productivityin coastal and inshore
Rationalize management of fisheryResources Protection Zones
5. Spread the culture of participatory fishery resources protection Establishing a leisure culture in connection with the fishery resources protection
Strengthening fishery resourcesmanagement with consumer participation
Promotion fishery resources protectionby self-management system