Mission & Vision


A Marine Economy Leaping Forward,
Delivering a Lively Ocean Community

Main Strategies

Sustainable fisheries, creating fishing villages where people return

Building a world-leading marine logistics system

Fostering a dynamic new marine economy

Clean oceans, creating safe coasts

Key Initiatives

Increase the scope of TAC, build smart aquaculture clusters, modernize old wholesale fulfillment centers
Drive for phased sale of HMM shares, establishing a professional ship purchase and leasing company
Increase base marinas, create integrated marine leisure tourism cities and fishing complex towns
Expand marine protection zones, release dolphins from aquariums
Implement ‘New Vitality Promotion Project’ to improve fishing villages, introduce basic direct fishery subsidy for public benefit
Fully automating Gwangyang Port and Jinhae New Port, constructing an LNG refueling facility and repair shipyard
Strategic growth of the marine bio and marine transportation sectors
Build disaster forecasting and warning systems, create buffer zones and ports that can adapt to disasters
Zeroing in on remote islands (40) without passenger boats
Continue to provide support for exporters (i.e., shipping space, cargo storage) until the logistics crisis is resolved
Build the world’s sixth inland base in Antarctica, develop undersea habitat technologies
Orderly development of wind power, define maritime boundaries among local governments