Greetings from the Minister

CHO, Seung-Hwan

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF)
Republic of Korea

Greetings from the Minister
Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).

Underpinning the ocean-based logistics for imports and exports, and providing an essential source of seafood and rest areas , the ocean has served as the backbone of the Korean economy.

While laying our emphasis on ‘securing sustainability in the field of oceans and fisheries for the generations to come’, MOF will stay committed to policies under the vision of ‘ocean economy that leaps forward, ocean community full of vitality’.

First, MOF is determined to rejuvenate the fishing communities with more engagement of younger generations, through improving the housing·income·welfare conditions of fishermen. Also, ‘food sovereignty’ will be achieved via enhancing the national competitiveness in the fisheries sector.

On top of that, MOF endeavor to enhance safety management under the guiding principle of protecting the health and safety of our people.

MOF is dedicated to revolutionizing the shipping industry to a high value-added industry with ship centric approaches. Through its unwavering spirit of succeeding ship officers, the ministry will map out more opportunities for younger seafarers with their dreams awaiting at sea.

Another grave mission belongs to creating healthy ocean, with reduction of carbon emission and systematic management of plastic waste in the field of oceans and fisheries, while port safety facilities is expanding in preparation against the increased risk of natural disasters to protect the lives and safety of the people.

Lastly, my ministry will remain committed to fostering the marine tourism & leisure activity, revitalizing the coastal and fishing economies and providing comfort and relaxation from the ocean. Our mission also encompasses other new industries, namely marine biotechnology, marine energy and etc.

MOF is dedicated to bridging effective communication between the public and the government, as well as executing policies for piles of pending issues in the field of oceans and fisheries. As MOF has commenced its great journey, I kindly request for your keen interest and kind support in this regard.

Thank you.

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) Republic of KoreaCHO, Seung-Hwan

Academic Background
  • 09. 2000 - 06. 2001

    LL.M., School of Law, University of Washington Seattle, United States of America

  • 03. 1986 – 02. 1990

    B.A. in Law Studies, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Professional Career
  • 05. 2022 - Present

    Minister of Oceans and Fisheries

  • 09. 2018 - 10. 2021

    President, Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion (KIMST)

  • 09. 2017 - 09. 2018

    Deputy Minister, Marine Policy Office, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF)

  • 02. 2016 - 09. 2017

    Administrator, Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries under MOF

  • 04. 2015 - 02. 2016

    Director General, Maritime Affairs and Safety Policy Bureau, MOF

  • 10. 2012 - 02. 2015

    Minister-Counselor, Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the United Kingdom (Attended IMO Assembly, Council, committee and sub-committee meetings as Alternate Permanent Representative to IMO)

  • 09. 2011 - 09. 2012

    Head (Director General-level), Incheon Ports Construction Office, Incheon Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries under the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

  • 08. 2010 - 08. 2011

    Head (Director General-level), Cultural and Academic Affairs Office, the Organizing Committee for the EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea

  • 03. 2008 - 06. 2010

    Senior Administrative Officer, Office of the Secretary of Land and Maritime Affairs, the Presidential Office

  • 02. 2007 - 12. 2007

    Director, Logistics System Team, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF, Preceding Agency of the current Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries)

  • 02. 2006 - 02. 2007

    Director, Port and Logistics Division, Busan Regional Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries under MOMAF

  • 02. 2005 - 02. 2006

    Director, Environment and Safety Division, Busan Regional Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries under MOMAF

  • 04. 2003 - 02. 2005

    Director, Coastal Planning Division, MOMAF

  • 07. 1994 - 04. 2003

    Deputy Director / Director, Prime Minister’s Secretariat

  • 04. 1992 - 06. 1994

    Deputy Director, the Ministry of Unification (In charge of reunification policy and inter-Korean communication)

  • 12. 2017

    Order of Service Merit (Red Stripes, 3rd grade)

  • 12. 2007

    Service Merit Medal