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16,000 TEU container ship HMM “Gaon-ho” naming ceremony was held

Date. 2021-03-23
Hit. 73

HMM's 16,000 TEU-class container ship HMM “Gaon-ho” naming ceremony was held at Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries to support import and export logistics, with key officials from related organizations including Minister MOON, Seong-Hyeok and his wife, Hyundai Heavy Industries CEO Han Young-seok , HMM CEO Bae Jae-hoon, and Korea Ocean Business Corporation President Hwang Ho-seon.

- Minister MOON, Seong-Hyeok's wife cut the rope of "Gaon-ho" and prayed for a safe voyage of ships and sailors.

- Minister MOON, Seong-Hyeok's wife is holding a champagne opening ceremony with guests attended.

- The attending guests did a horn blowing and inspected the bridge of the ship.