Expansion of Coverage of Future-oriented Industry in Fisheries

Expansion of Coverage of Future-oriented Industry in Fisheries

Enhancing Aquaculture Industry in Scale and Expanding to Spread High Technology

  • Accepting large corporations to invest in items requiring large facility including tuna and salmon; and largely increasing the scale of open sea farms.
  • Developing new techniques including smart aquatic farm; and promoting items for investment by hosting Future Aquaculture Investment Forum.
  • Continuously developing superior seeds including disease-proof abalone and fast growing flounder & laver; and increasingly provide advanced techniques like biofloc.

Promoting Inland Water Aquaculture

  • Devising a basic plan to promote inland water fishery for 2017-2021 (Jan. 2017); building large-scale eco-friendly aquaculture complexes; and establishing a center for distribution & sales exclusively designed for items from domestic inland water.
  • Creating added value including local species aquaculture using idle farmlands nearby 5 major rivers

Promoting Investment & Start-up in Fisheries and Enhancing Efficiency of Distribution Structure

  • Developing core techniques for fishery food industry including dietary supplements; and discovering & promoting hidden champions through Fisheries Business Incubator Center.
  • Reducing distribution cost by increasing direct transactions including by establishing distribution hygiene system between production and consumption; and launching modernization project of traditional markets.

Expanding Foreign Market Development

  • Establishing additional local export support centers for fishery products outside China; and operating joint distribution centers in major countries for export.
  • Building a new export distribution center for live fishery products; and enlarging & upgrading industrial core complex for fishery products linking production & processing with export.
  • Developing specially customized products including oyster croquette and abalone stew; and encouraging K-FISH trademark registration.
  • Securing fishery products safety by enhancing aquatic farms with HACCP in number and strengthening inspection on popular species.

Building Infrastructure for Decent Fishing Villages

  • Updating a whole development project for fishery villages; and promoting development by zoning & by village.
  • Arranging the 1st whole plan for return to agricultural & fishing villages (1st half of 2017) in accordance with Act on the Promotion & Support for Return to Agricultural & Fishing Villages & Rural Communities; and increasing the coverage of start-up support.

Establishing the Foundation for Sustainable Fishery including Update of Fishing Criteria

  • Changing the criteria to divide fisheries into coastal & inshore one by zone from by weight (ton) and the criteria to register fishing vessels into by length from by ton.
  • Greatly restricting use of mosquito net to protect fry; increasing production facility to release pollack; and recovering declining species including filefish and small octopus.
  • Reorganizing aquaculture insurance system responding to increasing fishing disaster; and introducing fishery income insurance.