Upgraded oceans & fisheries industries attracting more people & capital

Realizing smart & eco-friendly maritime logistics environment

  • Building smart maritime logistics systems
  • Going global by taking advantage of international restraints

Achieving smart & developed aquaculture industry

  • Developing & promoting smart aquaculture systems
  • Establishing a system for market of high-value-added species & its massive production
  • Scale-up both in quantity and quality
  • Paradigm shift to disease-preventive aquaculture systems
  • Responding to climate change including high water temperature

Strategically promoting fishery export industry and reorganizing distribution systems

  • Strategically promoting fishery export industry with fostering fishery products industry
  • Fishery export market diversification
  • Improving fishery trade environment by strategic trade negotiation
  • Building fishery distribution systems satisfying both consumers & producers

Promoting & developing new industries using marine technology (MT)

  • Facilitating deep-sea water & biotechnology industries
  • Developing new markets including LNG-fueled vessels & marine plant services
  • Laying the ground to develop & commercially use marine energy
  • Developing new industries in oceans & fisheries where 4th industrial revolution applied

Invigorating entrepreneurship & start-ups in oceans & fisheries

  • Tailored consulting services to start businesses
  • Installing support systems for start-ups & enterprises linked with R&D
  • Fostering financial support for promising enterprises