Reinforcing Korea’s Maritime Presence across the Globe

Going beyond the boundaries!
We work hard to expand Korea’s economic might across the five seas and six continents.

Exclusive Economic Zone photo

We protect and look outwards! Improving the management of territorial waters and the EEZ

  • Protection of jurisdiction over territorial waters and reinforcement of maritime boundaries and marine research
    • To enact a “Marine Territory Management Act” to improve the management of Korea’s maritime territories
    • To reinforce Korea’s sovereignty of the Dokdo islets and jurisdiction over the water of leodo
    • To build marine science research stations on both the East Sea and Yellow Sea to conduct precision topographic investigations of judicial seas and underwater resources
    • To improve the management of unmanned islands and coastal areas and the exploration of their resources by designating the management type of unmanned islands, etc.
  • Maintaining safety and order in the Korean EEZ and securing fishing rights
    • To extend the patrol range of the Korea Coast Guard to zones with unresolved Korea-Japan and Korea-China maritime boundaries and improve the safety and security in judicial waters
    • To help the Korea Coast Guard instantly respond to maritime-related incidents by securing more vessels and RIBs and expand docks and forward bases dedicated to the Coast Guard
    • To secure stable fishing quotas by maintaining fishing conditions within Japan’s EEZ, eradicating, illegal fishing activities in the Yellow Sea and reinforcing Korea-Russia fisheries cooperation

Exploring the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian Oceans

  • To step up precision investigation to locate prospective development areas of deep-sea mineral resources
  • To establish the Second Comprehensive Development Plan for distant water fisheries to develop fishery resources and to assist domestic fisheries companies in going global
  • To improve ocean research infrastructure by building 5,000-ton marine science research vessels
  • To reinforce international cooperation by organizing joint marine research projects (for marine resources development,
    etc.) and operating joint research centers at locations of strategic importance

Advancing into the Antarctic and Arctic regions, territories of infinite possibilities

  • To enact the Polar Region Activities Promotion Act to provide systematic polar region policy, to create the master plan for Arctic-related policy (commercializing the North Pole route, etc.)and to develop pertinent business models
  • To move forward with the construction of the Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station