Vice Minister


  • Feb. 2017 Incheon National University (Ph.D in Logistics)
  • Jun. 2003 Washington State University (U.S.) (MA in Marine Affairs)
  • Feb. 1989 Korea University (BA in History)
  • Feb. 1985 Sangsan High School (in Jeonju)

Professional Experience

  • Sep. 2017 Deputy Minister for Planning &Coordination Office (MOF)
  • Nov. 2016 Deputy Minister for Marine Policy Office (MOF)
  • Dec. 2014 Spokesperson (MOF)
  • Feb. 2014 National HRD Institute
  • Apr. 2013 Director General for Marine Industry Policy Bureau (MOF)
  • Aug. 2011 Organizing Committee for the EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea
  • Aug. 2008 National Oceanic &Atmospheric Administration (NOAA; U.S.)
  • Mar. 2008 Masan Regional Maritime Affairs &Port Administration
    (Ministry of Land, Transport &Maritime Affairs)
  • Oct. 2006 Secretary to the President for Industry Policy
  • Jun. 2005 Head of International Cooperation Team (MOMAF)
  • Jan. 2005 Director General for General Policy Planning &Budget Bureau (MOMAF)
  • Nov. 2003 Director General for Administration Management Bureau (MOMAF)
    Director General for ICT Management Bureau (MOMAF)
  • Sep. 2001 Training abroad program at Washington State University
  • Jul. 2000 Shipping Policy Division (MOMAF)
  • Mar. 1998 Marine Coordination Division (MOMAF)
  • Apr. 1991 General Affairs Division of Busan Regional Maritime Affairs &Port Administration
    Inner Port Division (Ministry of Maritime Affairs &Fisheries*) * MOMAF: former organization of MOF (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries)
  • Apr. 1991 Passed the 34th Public Administration Examination

Awards & Decorations

  • 2013 Order of Service Merit (Red Stripes)