Message from the Minister

Message from the Minister

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).

MOF dedicates itself to providing valuable services in oceans and fisheries direct to the public including shipping & port, fisheries, aquaculture, marine environment, marine tourism and maritime safety.

As a maritime state, Korea maintains an unrivalled position in main fields of the industry, as evidenced by the stats of container traffic, vessel capacity, ship orders and aquaculture production.

Korea has a geographical advantage linking the Pacific with the Eurasia, illustrated by an upside-down world map. This innovative idea encourages my country to infinitely extend its capability towards waters even uncharted areas, not to speak of the continental reach.

Building on this competitive edge and potential, my ministry has already set sail for developing Korea into a global marine leader.

As you are kindly invited to this great voyage with MOF, I look forward to an effective communication with you via this website.

Thank you.

Kim, Young-Choon
Minister of Oceans & Fisheries
Republic of Korea