Message from the Minister

Thank you for visiting our website.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) has just begun its voyage to the “Global Marine Power” with you. My colleagues and I will put our utmost efforts in achieving this goal with a strong resolution to reinvent every aspect of the ocean.

Among others, the Ministry will focus on rebuilding the struggling shipping industry so that Korea becomes the world’s leading logistics hub connecting the Korean-flag vessels to each and every corner of the world.

MOF will bring a full of vitality to the ocean by restoring marine and coastal ecosystem and environment, and develop the fisheries into the high value-added industry.

At the same time, the Ministry will strongly defend the maritime territory to safeguard its sovereignty and protect the rights and interests of the public.

The Ministry will contribute to creating decent jobs by actively fostering new industries, such as the marine bio-, tourism, leisure, and eco-friendly vessel and ocean industries.

By doing so, the Ministry will help the ocean and fishery industries contribute to the national GDP more than 10% and play a role as a driving force of the national economy.

In addition, MOF will continuously follow up on the Sewol ferry disaster and double up its efforts to ensure maritime safety so that such a tragic accident will never happen again.

Fellow Koreans and colleagues in the ocean and fisheries,
The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries will root out the following three attitudes: falling into a routine and working business as usual; sitting idle and minding others; and ruling over the public with the government power. Moving away from these attitudes, the Ministry will devote itself to the ocean.

Even if we are faced with strong waves and heavy storms, we will stand strong and move forward to our goal, the “Global Marine Power.”

We all would look forward to your support and interest.
Thank you

Kim, Young-Choon
Minister of Oceans & Fisheries