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Korea and Germany Sign Seafarers Mutual Recognition

Date. 2019.10.22.
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The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister Seong-Hyeok MOON) signed the Undertaking of Mutual Recognition of Seafarers Certificates* with German Maritime Administration on Sep. 27, 2019.
* Undertaking Concerning between the Governments of the Republic of Korea and Germany Concerning the Recognition of Certificates under Regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention
The signed agreement led Germany to the 39th country that recognized Korea’s seafarers certificates following other European nations like the UK, Denmark and Finland.

This governmental agreement enabled the competency and training certificates of seafarers to be mutually recognized between the two countries concerned to allow one country’s seafarers to board the other country’s vessel. Both countries, Korea and Germany, will involve themselves in mutual recognition on a number of documents under the agreement including certificates of competence, training documentary evidence, and even medical fitness certificates.
STCW of the IMO* indicates that a seafarers mutual recognition is a must to permit licensed mariners of either country concerned to take positions on international merchant ships of the other country.

* International Convention on Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers
Germany is ranked global top-4 in fleet capacity, which potentially makes this agreement a contributor to success in “go global project for seafarers” that MOF has implemented to support overseas employment of Korean young seafarers. 

Thirteen trainees selected by the project are now in training sessions operated in foreign countries like Finland after domestic training programs. They will thereafter be subject to overseas shipboard training, completed in Feb. 2020, to be internationally employed.  

Director Lee, Jong-ho of Seafarers Policy Division stated that “MOF will fully implement the current seafarers mutual recognitions and constantly explore a new opportunity for the potential agreements  with promising countries to promote quality jobs at the overseas market for Korean seafarers”.