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Spurring Cooperation in Marine Science between Korea and Indonesia

Date. 2018.10.23.
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- Joint Marine Technology Cooperation Research Center

was unveiled in Cirebon, Indonesia -


The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister Kim, Young-Choon) joined the opening ceremony of Joint Marine Technology Cooperation Research Center with the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Indonesia for Korea-Indonesia in Cirebon, Indonesia on Sep. 14, 2018.


The ceremony was greatly attended by Deputy Minister Cho, Seung-hwan of Oceans and Fisheries, President Kim, Woong-seo of Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIOST), both as Korean delegation and Secretary Laksda TNI Purn Agus Purwoto of the Indonesian Ministry.


Korea has launched with Indonesia its establishment of the center as a marine cooperation project under the New Southern Policy agreed by the presidents of both countries, during the state visit of president Moon, Jae-in of Korea to Indonesia in Nov. 2017. The project gained momentum by signing Implementation Arrangement on Establishment of Joint Marine Technology Cooperation Research Center between the two marine ministers on 9 May 2018.


The center, located in the second campus of Institute Technology of Bandung in Cirebon, will be led by co-directors consisting of three departments namely administration, research & technology and education & training departments. Korea and Indonesia have a plan to jointly implement research projects as supporting operation budgets and its infrastructure, respectively.


Both entities will prioritize prolonged-discussed projects this very initial year of the center. As a renowned archipelagic state, Indonesia has a yearning for cooperative research on the infrastructure of marine energy on its islands and management of marine debris. Also, investment opportunity of Korean industry will be explored in marine plants and port development. Along with these projects, potential issues to cooperate will be addressed at the Joint Commission on Marine Science & Technology jointly formed under the center.


While planning to support Indonesian experts training in marine science and technology with associated institutes like KIOST, Korea will expand cooperative areas by personnel exchange at the seminars and academic conferences.


With great potential for investment, Indonesia boasts of its wide EEZ, ten-times larger than that of Korea, and massive marine resources. However, poor science level and infrastructure facilitate this maritime country to attract foreign investment, especially Korean technology and industry.


Deputy Minister Cho, Seung-hwan stated “We hope the newly-built center paves the way to strengthen marine cooperation with Indonesia. A unique experience becoming an advanced country in marine science in just half a century would enable Korea to contribute to marine development of Indonesia and the bilateral cooperation.”


Meanwhile, a joint workshop was held on 13 Sep. 2018 to commemorate the opening of the center where issues of marine energy and fishery industry were discussed.