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One Great Leap forward Integrated Market for Northeast Logistics

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Date 2018. 7.24. Hit 865

-The 7th China-Japan-Korea Ministerial Conference on Transport and Logistics in Seoul on 18 July 2018-


The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister Kim, Young-Choon) announced its plan to host the 7 th China-Japan-Korea Ministerial Conference on Transport and Logistics in Seoul on 18 July 2018. The Conference will be attended by vice ministers of the three countries as head of each delegation, namely Kang, Joon-suk (MOF of Korea), HE Jianzhong (Ministry of Transport of China) and Masatoshi AKIMOTO (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Tourism of Japan).

Since its first event held in Seoul in September 2006, the Conference has served as a venue to explore any opportunity for interaction and cooperative development in transport & logistics of the three countries. The Conference also produced a couple of tangible outcomes including mutual operation of trailer for multi-transport both on land and sea; and building NEAL-NET for sharing information on logistics, while jointly implementing 12 targets under 3 goals, alias “seamless logistics system”, “eco-friendly logistics” and “balance between security and efficiency in logistics”.


The 7 th Meeting will provide a forum to discuss a number of issues to respond to recent changes in logistics of Northeast Asia and to take the lead as one team facing its potential environment like the 4th industrial revolution.

Firstly comes considerable modification of the current targets. While the 12 existing ones will be rearranged into 8 by thorough examination, two targets will newly be adopted namely “promotion of logistics network for fresh food” as increasing trade volume of agricultural & fishery products and “cooperation on external initiative projects” considering “one-belt-one-road policy” of China and “new northern and southern policy” of Korea.

The joint statement will include a special target entitled “tripartite efforts for the 4 th industrial revolution in transport technology” suggested by the Korean government to jointly deal with global issues including MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship). This move corresponds with the commitment of the three countries wishing to become leaders in the global market and develop its norms for advanced transport technology by establishing the international rules.


In line with their willingness for smarter environment of marine transport, the Conference will arrange “joint workshop for MASS” as a post session in the afternoon. The workshop is attended by as many as 140 professionals from the government and private sector of the countries to share policies and trends on MASS; and to explore cooperative areas in the international norms development.


Moreover, a website for the Conference will be open soon for ongoing discussion of the three. The site will expectedly serve as a forum to share the detailed implementation of the targets & their related information and to obtain any inspirational ideas both internally and externally.


Vice minister Kang, Joon-suk of the MOF stated “Peaceful mood in Northeast Asia, driven by recent detente on the Korean peninsular, will be a facilitator to strengthen the tripartite cooperation in transport and logistics. I hope the 7 th Conference becomes a future-oriented foundation for intelligent and eco-friendly logistics system in the region”.