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K‧FISH, Another Athlete of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

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Date 2018. 2.12. Hit 2296

- MOF operates an exhibit hall to promote korean fishery products

during the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games -


The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister Kim, Young-Choon) announced its plan to open an exhibit hall to promote Korean fishery products (K‧FISH) at Olympic Festival Park in Pyeongchang during the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


The hall found in K-FOOD PLAZA inside the Park consists of 4 sections with each theme namely pure sea story; safe & fresh K‧FISH; healthy & tasty K‧FISH; and globally beloved K‧FISH.




“Pure sea story” section is equipped with a theater showing movement of major fish by each sea. While coloring fish of the East Sea in red; the West in green; and the South in blue, a stereoscopic movie with sound effects could provide visitors with experience of virtual undersea.


“Safe & fresh K‧FISH” section introduces details of K‧FISH, the official brand for Korean fishery products for export. “Healthy & tasty K‧FISH” section serves as food booth for finger food items made with 11 K-FISH items including flatfish sushi, abalone with mapa sauce and red crap gambas. This fusion menu will satisfy visitors from different countries.


“G lobally beloved K‧FISH” section promotes sales event of Korean fishery products for export including laver, abalone, salt and mackerel. Over 40 fishery businesses will join the event where freebies are also given.


A cooking studio at the section presents a series of cooking show twice a week joined with a chef and visitors together. The renown chef will cook dishes on the spot made with K‧FISH to appeal to the visitors’ senses of sight and taste.

Meanwhile, the MOF plans during the Games to provide foreign correspondents with a program to visit fishery research center nearby and Jumunjin fishery market to develop their interest in Korean fishery products.


Director No, Jinkwan of Export and Processing Promotion Division of the MOF stated “we are willing to leverage this Olympics to promote quality fishery products representing Korea for its export expansion”.