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Book on All Marine Species in Korean Waters

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Date 2018. 1.16. Hit 2069

- MOF publishes “2017 National List of Marine Species”

including 13,089 species -


How diverse are marine species living in the East, West and South Seas of the Korean peninsula? The inquiry may comfortably be answered with a new published book, 2017 National List of Marine Species, by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister Kim, Young-Choon) with the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea (MABIK; President Kim, Sang-jin).


Korea has high level of marine biodiversity in the world and 4.5- time-larger marine territory than land. This environmental benefit provides with wide coverage of marine species to utilize. The MOF has published the 2 nd edition of the book since publishing the 1 st edition in 2016 for better organized management system to safeguard the rights concerned and effectively respond to claims to share interests by neighboring countries.


The previous edition listed 4,644 marine species in total managed by commissioned organizations for registration and conservation. Adding

2,363 species, the latest in 2017 has updated the list into 7,007 real species. In addition, as the new book includes more marine resources confirmed with reference to inhabit, 13,089 in total are listed as a result.


The book consists of 5 chapters where all species are listed by creature typology for better search. Also, an appendix can be found providing indexes of scientific names in alphabetical order and Korean names in Korean alphabetical order. R eal species are accompanied by relevant Roman characters meaning responsible managing organization.


The MOF plans to distribute the book to libraries of the National Assembly and universities related to oceans and fisheries, while post on the website of Marine Bio Resource Information System ( ) for easy access.


Director Yun, Du-han of Marine and Fisheries Bio-resources Division states that “Building on publishing the book, we will make more efforts to safeguard the rights concerned by more organized management of marine resources, while expedite promotion for marine bio industry as promising industry going forward.