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K-FISH, Expectation of New Korean Wave in China

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Date 2018. 1. 2. Hit 1133

K-FISH, Expectation of New Korean Wave in China

MOF holds“K-FISH”brand launching show in Shanghai, China on Dec. 20.


The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF; Minister Kim, Young-Choon) stated that “ K-FISH” brand launching show would be held in Sanghai, China on Dec. 20, 2017 to raise the international profile of Korean fishery products and expand export markets.


Currently, encompassing eleven fishery items including live halibut, abalone and laver, K-FISH registers its trademark right in 38 countries (as of Dec. 2017) including the US, EU and China, while its trademark application is in progress in 14 countries including Russia and Vietnam.


China is the 2 nd largest importer of Korean fishery products following Japan as Korean quality products are increasingly consumed. This promising market, having similarities in dining culture with Korea, is targeted by the MOF to promote fishery products. As a part of the promotion, the Ministry has sold laver snacks for infants in well-known store for infant goods and done commercials in CGV cinemas in Beijing.


As the 1 st K-FISH promotion event in China, different programs are arranged targeting Chinese consumers, media and distributors. The event offers briefing sessions and press conference to introduce K-FISH brand and its products to Chinese media and marketers followed by business meetings to connect Korean exporters to Chinese distributors.


Also, Yun Si-yun, a high–profile Korean Wave celebrity, presents K-FISH items and hosts live cooking demonstration with power bloggers ( wanghong ) in food who have numerous online followers.


Additionally, the MOF plans sales promotion by selling 4 K-FISH items during the promotion week (Dec. 18-24) at Wal-Mart Sangnam and  Goheung branches to produce the most desirable outcomes.


Director Noh Jin-kwan of Export & Processing promotion Division said “This event expectedly serves as a venue to promote quality Korean fishery products to Chinese consumers. Hoping to secure the firm ground for market, we plan to develop more kinds of K-FISH products including fresh, frozen and processed food to attract more Chinese.”